Wickenburg Gold Rush Days 2011 – Another HUGE SUCCESS!!

Wickenburg Gold Rush Days 2011 Parade

Wickenburg AZ Gold Rush Days 2011 Parade

Wickenburg’s biggest event of the year wrapped up with the notoriety of being one of the Biggest and Best Ever in the State of Arizona!  After freezing temperatures earlier in the month, the weather warmed up to the 60’s which made for a beautiful weekend.

The weekend was packed with fun events for people of all ages.  This year we were fortunate to have as part of our Gold Rush Festivities, Grammy nominee John Michael Montgomery who performed at the Web Center on Friday evening.  Some of the other highlights included the Senior Pro Rodeo combined with the younger riders from the Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo Association on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  The Arts & Crafts Festival gets better every year.  We had many of the same vendors return this year with a lot of unique jewelry and clothing items.  The art is always some of the best!

The favorite event for the youth in the community is definitely the Family Fun Carnival.  This year I was amazed at how many rides they were able to include in such a small space.  The bumper cars are always a favorite for my family!  There was also an abundance of Carnival Food with all of the favorites including Chinese, Mexican, Fry Bread and some of the best hamburgers.  Additional favorite snack/desert foods were the Chocolate Covered Fruit Sishkebobs, Kettle Corn, Cinnamon Sugar Coated Nuts, and the Fudge Guy.

The Gold Rush Days parade was Saturday Morning, and there were a lot of horses, kids and unique cars/vehicles to see.  I had the privilege and opportunity to ride on the Garter Girls Wagon, and sing some popular upbeat western tunes for the Garter Girls who were distributing their garters throughout the parade route.

The melodrama is another fun event.  Performances were held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and each night it gets better.  Sunday night is the most popular night, and most of the locals go Sunday night.  This year, unfortunately, I was not able to perform due to health issues, but I had a “cameo appearance”.  It’s always fun, because you never know what your going to see!

All in all this was one of the best years ever, and I want to give a big THANKS to the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce for another HUGE Success on the Wickenburg Gold Rush Days!

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I moved to Wickenburg approximately 12 years ago with my husband and two kids. We chose Wickenburg because we wanted to raise our kids in a small town. I have been involved in the Real Estate industry for the last 7 years, and enjoy using this blog to share information about Wickenburg and the local Real Estate industry.
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